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Enjoy the change and excitement of moving to a new home and let us do the hard stressful labor for you.

We believe there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to home moving. you will benefit of personal move that is customized to your needs carried out by professional movers. The movers stay with you until the last box is unpacked at your new home.

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Executive Moving & Storage is a Las Vegas home mover licensed by the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (formerly the ICC) for long distance, interstate moves (USDOT license no 2091682, MC#729674). Our employees are trained professionals that take great pride in their work, and will take the utmost care when handling your belongings. All goods are wrapped and protected before being removed from your home, combined with air ride suspension and professional packing, we assure your belongings arrive intact and on time. There is never a charge for the blankets and tape we use to protect your furniture during the move.


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There’s a reason that Executive Moving and Storage is one of the top movers in Las Vegas. Boasting years of experience, a customer-oriented staff, and strict adherence to licensing laws, Executive Moving and Storage takes the stress out of moving, whether you’re heading to a nearby town, across the country, or making an international move.

As one of many movers in Las Vegas, Executive Moving and Storage works diligently to set itself apart from the rest. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve learned that most people turn to professional movers in Las Vegas because they don’t have the time, equipment, or energy to move on their own. But most importantly, they’re looking to reduce stress. We offer an extensive range of services along with competitive pricing, ensuring that you can choose as much or as little help as you need to make your moving experience a breeze. And if you don’t have a place ready for your household items, we also offer top-of-the-line short and long term storage; in fact, we’re one of the few movers in Las Vegas to do so. We’ll pack your items up, keep them safe, and deliver them when you need them, all with exceptional customer service and amazing pricing.

From packing up your home to ensuring safe and timely delivery, nobody does moving better than Executive Moving and Storage!

How to get the best Estimate from Las Vegas long distance Moving Company

When choosing to move out of a residence in Las Vegas, it can be very difficult to gather all of your items together and load them into the small cars that you have. Instead of working this hard and making multiple trips to take all of the furniture and other items to your new residence, which risks losing some of your furniture or other large items if you strap them to the top of your car, hiring a Las Vegas Moving Company is a much better way to move, and takes the stress off of you. Your first questions would most likely be “How much would this end up costing me to move all of my items from my old residence to my new one?” In order to explain the pricing and give you a Las Vegas moving company estimate, I will explain the different types of moving services, as well as the added fees that may be included in the initial cost.

Of course, the time that is taken to complete the task does not factor into the Las Vegas moving company estimate. Rather than working by the hour, we charge an initial fee for the service, and you will not have to pay any more. This is a large difference between us and other companies, as our Las Vegas moving company estimate does not rely on the time that is taken to move your items.

The first type of moving service is simply loading your items into the truck, and allowing you to drive to your new residence and unload the furniture. This is the cheapest service that is offered.

The second type of moving service gathers your items into the truck, packs them to prevent any damage, drives them to your new residence, and unloads the items for you. This is may look more expensive type of service at first glance. But if you calculate all the moving expenses and time you save it comes to a same price at the end. Especially on long distance moves booking with professional moving company, will actually save you money time and trouble.

In order to truly get a Las Vegas moving company estimate, think about the type of service that you need, and look for our specials or discount coupons to lower the overall price. We are here to help you, not break your budget, and so feel free to get in contact with one of our sales representatives to find any type of discount and save a little money!